Shotmonster terms and conditions

At Shotmonster, we believe in sharing, with some conditions. Please read this page before you start taking our stuff. (Don't worry, its written in plain English.)

Personal downloads

If you want to download these pictures to your computer for your personal use, knock yourself out, no restrictions. However, it would be nice of you to tell your friends about us as a way of saying thanks.


Reposting these images to other sites is fine, especially for online music magazines and fan sites, but we do have a few guidelines. First, don't get greedy. Take a few pictures from your favorite galleries, but don't get all crazy and start copying entire galleries. Let's say five pictures from any one gallery is plenty.

Second, please do not crop our watermark out. The watermark is the caption in the lower right corner that says Shotmonster can only survive if people can find us, and our watermark lets that happen. If you feel you must crop the watermark out, then please give us a photo credit.

Third, be a pal and link to us. We'll be happy to return the favor.

If you're planning on re-posting to a site that makes you money, understand that you assume all responsibility for possible copyright infringement related to your exploitation of these images. Remember, you cannot directly make money off these images, for example by selling prints (not that you could sucessfuly print these low-res files) or by implying that a rock star endorses a product or service. Checking the laws and making sure you're square is on you.

The Band Clause

If you're the band in the pictures, then all bets are off. These images belong to you as much as they belong to us (in a philosophical sense, that is.) Take what you want from the site. In fact, contact us and we'll send you full-res versions. All we ask is that you consider linking to us so we can keep moving forward.

Any questions, you can contact us here.